Spinal Decompression

A herniated disc can be more than a pain. Sometimes, it can hinder your ability to complete both the activities you enjoy and your daily work. While standard medicine offers cover-ups, these don't target the root of your pain. Dr. David Odorisio of Greater McDonough Chiropractic, serving McDonough, GA, and the nearby region, can help in many cases with spinal decompression. But what exactly is this you may wonder. We have the answer!

General Information

Spinal decompression therapy is a treatment consisting of our chiropractor connecting you to a specialized motorized table. Once started, the device will gently pull your spine in opposing directions. The top half of your body is pulled one way while the bottom is pulled the other way. As a result, it separates your vertebrae so they no longer place pressure on the soft discs in between.

Preparing You for the Treatment 

Initially, our McDonough, GA, chiropractor will assess your problem carefully through a series of questions and a medical history review. Sometimes, imaging is performed as well. Based on the results, our practitioner will determine if spinal decompression therapy could be a safe solution for you. 

Reasons We Recommend Spinal Decompression Therapy 

If you come to us with a herniated disc, our practitioner may recommend this treatment for you as a way to give the disc room to move back into place. We may recommend it for other reasons, too, such as whiplash. In those cases, it eases pressure on the soft tissue and nerves. Patients with degenerative disc disease, swelling, or a variety of other issues may also benefit from spinal decompression therapy.

How it Works 

Not only does it ease pressure on the discs, but it removes what hinders circulation to the area. As a result, more blood flows to that region, which facilitates the healing process by delivering more nutrients to the area, those which are necessary for healing. For this reason, it can speed up the time an acute injury takes to heal, and also aid in recovery from chronic injuries.


We'll make sure the treatment is safe for you prior to your treatment. Some people may have minor side effects like achiness or soreness. This is temporary. 

In McDonough, GA, our Dr. Odorisio of Greater McDonough Chiropractic offers spinal decompression therapy to help with healing and reduce your pain. It's a treatment that can get to the source of the problem rather than masking it. 

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