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I have found relief from visiting Dr. Dave not only in my back, but also my feet, knees and shoulders. Dr. Dave has given me suggestions with exercise techniques, stretching, and my diet.

-Gregory W. 

Dr Dave has helped me tremendously with my pain. I am able to do a lot more since I started going to him for treatments....

-Shirley W. 

Not only do I get relief from my back pain. but I'm learning how to eat better foods.

-Lloyd B. 

Dr. Dave and the staff are efficient and professional. I have been to Dr. Dave 7 times for treatments and immediately I could tell the difference. I highly recommend the Greater McDonough Chiropractic services.

-William F.

Visit was intricate and specific to problems areas I've had pain, I am definitely going to make this my permanent stop.


I am a retired Navy Veteran and what Dr. Dave has done for myback, neck, and alignment after 20 plus years of service is nothing shortof amazing. His background as a nutritionist has really helped me make somedietary changes that have improved my overall health and I generally feelbetter over all. I have and will continue to tell people about Dr. Dave andhis staff!!

-Ryan K.

Only two visits and my back is already feeling way better than itdid. I look forward to going back.

- Mason W.

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